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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. By looking at the interactions between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, the Functional Medicine model facilitates healing by restoring balance and bringing the mind and body back into alignment.

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5 areas to have balance in overall health

Achieving overall health involves harmonizing various aspects of our lives. Here’s an expanded view on the five key areas essential for maintaining balance and well-being:


Nourishing your body with wholesome foods rich in essential nutrients is fundamental.


Quality sleep is paramount for rejuvenating both body and mind.


Regular physical activity boosts mood and cognitive function.

Mindfulness & Stress Management

Cultivating mindfulness practices can help mitigate the effects of stress on both the body and mind.


Our daily lives need detoxifying pathways in place to keep us from the damaging effects of the toxins we are exposed to daily.

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